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Discover Education City


Join our tour of Education City, a unique campus featuring stunning architecture, museums, eclectic public art, heritage sites, green spaces, and so much more.


Qatar Foundation Headquarters Balcony
Our balcony tour offers a bird’s eye view of our campus and allows visitors to learn more about our stories, the unique Education City model, and the various initiatives we lead.

Qatar National Library
Qatar National Library presents a modern interpretation of a public library, housing a collection of more than one million books alongside spaces for dialogue, learning, and play. The tour will give you access to the Heritage Library, Children’s Library, Innovation Stations and many more.

Oxygen Park
Oxygen Park is a multi-purpose public recreational space, with a 1.6-kilometre cooled partially enclosed running track and covered walkways, sports pitches, equestrian facilities, a play garden and walking tracks. All set in a unique collection of native and Qur’anic plants, which highlight the connection between the people of Qatar and their cultural and environmental heritage.

Al Khater House
Strategically located within oxygen park next to Education City’s “Multaqa” (Education City Student Center), this extended family courtyard complex dates to prior 1934. It demonstrates the principal characteristics of traditional vernacular architecture and includes significant elements of subsequent transformations of the modern period of development.

Qur’anic Botanic Garden
Qur’anic Botanic Garden has introduced a new concept in the world of botanical gardens, as it is the first garden of its kind in the world that exhibits the plants mentioned in the Holy Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). It aims to enhance and spread knowledge about these plants, the terms associated with them, and how they are cared for and preserved.

Qatar Science & Technology Park
Qatar Science & Technology Park was created to bring research and business together. QSTP is home to international technology companies and a start-up enterprise incubator program. Tours will include exclusive access to the Innovation Centre, Tech Buildings, Single User Buildings and Incubation Centre.

Seeroo fi al ardh
The artist visualized the installation in one of his sketches from 2009, having a mosaic wall painting depicting horses, a sculpture of Abbas ibn Firnas suspended from the ceiling, a sculpture of Da Vinci’s flying machine, colored glass horses, and vintage cars, reflecting the artist’s continuous conversation with the traditions of the West and the Arab world.

Opened in December 2010 as a cultural facility with a unique art collection. Under the guidance of architect Jean-François Bodin, radical changes were made to the building’s interiors, as Bodin designed the circulation of thebuilding’s12 galleries with the concept of an artistic narrative in mind.

Education City Golf Club
A landmark project for Qatar and the world of golf, offering a revolutionary and holistic approach to growing the game. Designed by two-time major winner Jose Maria Olazabal. The visitor will get the chance to visit the facilities and first handedly experience golf.

Qatar Foundation Headquarters

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