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Education City Gift Shop (ECGS)


The ECGS is a destination that seeks to bring talented and creative minds together by exploring new opportunities for community and commercial partnerships that maximize use of Education City’s buildings, venues, and spaces. By doing so, the ECGS aims to be at the heart of Qatar’s burgeoning arts and culture scene. This is part of Qatar Foundation’s (QF) efforts toward empowering our communities, bringing mutual benefit to QF and the artists/organizations we collaborate with, while enabling more people to discover QF’s overarching mission and supporting our efforts to foster social engagement.
Our work in numbers

Since our opening in October 2019 until September 2020, we have:
1. Created 72 merchandise items;
2. Had 31 items on our shelves via consignment from different artists;
3. And had nine interns from Shafallah Center, and others.

Venue Details

Opening Times

  • Sunday - Thursday
  • 9am-5pm

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