No fee here! Some activities might be ticketed, but most visits and events are free of charge. We just want to see you here!

Each facility has different operating hours, but Education City is open 24/7.

Education City as a space is a whole experience – that’s why we provide different ways to move around it. Take your pick!

  • Wham! Bam! Take the tram!
  • E-Scooter around
  • Good old walking
  • A bike is a hype. Rent one from Awsaj!

Or you can just take your car and drive around (tip: make sure you stick to the speed limit). Unless you’re cool and you have your own skateboard or bike. You can do that too.

We have opened a variety of recreational facilities for our community to use. In these facilities, we host various events for both children and adults, including fitness and sports classes, children’s activities, workshops, and camps. You can try contacting any one of our facilities directly through phone or email!

• Pray in the Education City Mosque

One of Mangera Yvars’ architectural masterpieces, the Education City Mosque is a spectacular building worth checking out. Every side of the building has fascinating designs, and you can never get enough. The mosque is surrounded by four Islamic gardens traversed by four streams of water, each representing milk, wine, honey, and water.

Pray here with your family and take a walk around the building to discover all the hidden corners and architectural creativity!

• Chill at Oxygen Park

The park features many smooth designs, such as running tracks, tunnel segments, green hills, and much more. It is divided into many sections, each fulfilling a different purpose. From shaded gardens to a water plaza, Oxygen Park offers its visitors a variety of activities and scenery to enjoy.

Treat your family to a nice picnic in Education City’s precious park!

• Horse-riding at Al Shaqab

Al Shaqab provides an educational experience for the community by offering tours, workshops, and programs. The tours are available for schools, institutions, the public, with the purpose of raising awareness on the equestrian culture.

Adults or kids, we all love experiencing being this close to the gorgeous Arabian horses. Make sure you don’t miss coming here with your family!

• Fine Dining with a view

Chef’s Garden is a café and restaurant that serves healthy food that you can enjoy in their beautiful venue. Partnered with different local organic farms, the menu is known for its fresh and healthy recipes.

It also has an indoor kids' club and outside play areas for your children to enjoy, making it a great destination for the whole family to enjoy.

• Scooter around Ceremonial Court

The Ceremonial Court is a vast open space with a reflecting pool in the center, guarded by two beautifully lit towers. It previously hosted events such as Qatar National Day, university graduations, and Torba Farmers Market.

The open space here and the built-in ramps makes scootering in it the best e-scooter ride you will ever experience – we know. We tried it. and we love it. A lot. Seriously.

• Tour the Mathaf

Qatar’s footprint in the art world continues to grow. The Mathaf Museum, holding over 9,000 works, is the world’s largest specialized collection of its kind. It hosts both temporary and permanent exhibitions, featuring artists from all over the region.

Its permanent collection exhibitions include works by Shakir Hassan Al Said, Mohammed Melehi, Saloua Raouda Choucair, and many more. The art featured in these exhibitions tackles the rise of nation-states, colonial struggles, post-independence projects of reconstruction, the development and influence of the oil industry, and other major themes that are relevant to the region.

An intriguing intellectual destination for all ages!

• Full Day at Qatar National Library

Officially inaugurated in April 2018, the Qatar National Library (QNL) has become one of the most renowned landmarks of Education City. The library has more than one million books in its collections and more than 500,000 eBooks, periodicals, and newspapers.

Open to the public, it offers programs, workshops, and activities that are suitable for all ages. Its facilities include many reading spaces, study rooms, computer labs, a writing center, and an Innovation Station, a space that offers creative media and a wide range of equipment.

You can enjoy a peaceful afternoon reading, take your kids to the children's section, do extensive research, attend one of their many workshops, take a course in 3D printing or just enjoy an espresso in their café. The number of activities you can do there is endless.

• Sports for All!

At Education City, we love our active lifestyle! Join in and rent out any of our indoor sports courts, from squash and tennis to football and basketball. Or you can even sign up for our sports classes or CommuniFit gym membership. We also host regular sports socials for you to meet other people who share your interests!

• Swim Away from the Heat

Education City has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools to fit your preferences. With 5 different pools scattered around the country, take your pick, and beat the heat all year long with us! You can either get unlimited access to them if you’re a CommuniFit member or get a day pass to use them (it’s only QAR50).

• Outdoor Fitness

Celebrate the nice weather with a change of routine and exercise outside at Education City! Instead of using the treadmill, make your daily jog pass by faster when you’re discovering the hidden spots in Education City. Nice greenery, beautiful architecture, and the birds' singsong will make the experience a serene and peaceful one. You can even stretch out and finish off with a yoga session on the soft grass of Green Spine facing the running water at Ceremonial Court to fully experience the great outdoors at Education City.

• Picnic at Oxygen Park

A visit to Oxygen Park is a must if you’re coming to Education City and you want a picnic spot, a place where adults and kids can walk, run, or play. Divided into 4 different bowls, Oxygen Park is loop-shaped, with different running paths going through it, with tunnels, a waterfall, benches, and the option to either walk up or down, surrounded by green hills. Grab a snack from Multaqa and enjoy the pink skies as the sun goes down.

• Day Trip to Education City Golf Course

Based in Education City since 2019, Education City Golf Club is a gem worth discovering.
It presents training and learning facilities that feature cutting-edge technology in a serene environment.
The courses available at Education City Golf Club Centre of Excellence are provided by an outstanding team of PGA Professionals.
Surrounding the clubhouse are large gardens where several lawn sports and padel courts are also available.
Events, from teambuilding activities and corporate events to semi-formal gatherings and weddings, can be hosted at the ECGC and are organized by an expert service and hospitality team.

• Qur’anic Botanic Garden

A wholesome visit here might be just what you need – a botanical garden that boasts lush green spaces makes for a great relaxing space. The plants on display are a combination of various plants mentioned in Quranic scriptures, thus, setting it aside from typical parks, with a description for each plant, explaining the context behind it. The beautiful butterflies hovering on them and water sprinkling around creating little rainbows is a therapeutic experience we don’t want you to miss out on. Situated right outside the Education City Mosque, a trip for one is a trip for both.